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Cybershure is as a value-added distributor. We have offices located in the UK and South Africa and offer our solutions through a partner network strategically located in Europe, Africa and UK regions.

The Founders have 15 years industry experience in both Cyber Security and Risk Management and have gained their knowledge through working for world leading businesses in these fields.

Mission statement: To be a reliable and trustworthy supplier of products and services bridging the gap between manufacturer and end-user. We seek to serve our partners and clients with the highest quality of products and services and in everything we do, we strive for honesty, fairness and integrity.

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Security is growing exponentially, faster than anything else in the global market. We are part of a growing industry that strives to assist businesses in becoming Cyber Resilient.

Cyber security refers to the protection of virtually or digitally stored data and information from external attacks in the form of hacking and phishing. With the exponential increase in use of connected devices, rising smartphone and internet penetration, and growing electronic transactions, there is a pressing need for many forms of cyber security solutions all over the world. More than half of all cyberattacks are committed against small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs), and 60% of these business will go out of business within six months of falling victim to a data breach or hack.

It’s critical for business and government sectors to understand the average cyberattack is not coming from a person at a keyboard — instead it’s coming from an AI algorithm running on a supercomputer and it’s relentlessly operating night and day attacking each and every IP address it can find on the internet. It does not care if you’re small or big, the method of attack is the same. With the growing sophistication of threats today, we recognize that leading technologies alone cannot safeguard an organization. Business needs to ensure that they assess risk, comply with latest security regulations and foster a ‘security-first’ culture.

The Cybershure solution offering is scalable, easy to understand and quick to implement which gives immediate time to value all

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Our solution offering covers critical aspects of business continuity for all types of businesses ranging from SMB, Enterprise and Government. The CyberShure Value Proposition includes Network Security, Governance, Risk and Compliance and Business Process Management.

Our consultative approach allows for clear identification and scoping of business needs and requirements in order to offer the best solution fit for purpose.

Our specialist approach includes:

Cyber Security


Fudo Privileged Access Management (PAM) software refers to a class of solutions that help secure, control, manage and monitor privileged access to critical assets.

By centralizing privileged credentials in one place, Fudo can ensure a high level of security for them, control who is accessing them, log all accesses and monitor for any suspicious activity.


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